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If I don’t face this now

I’ll regret all through my life

So, for you, I’ll go

Should this storm break my wings of flight

I’ll race against time and let you know

I won’t seek release from this vow.

There maybe rocking waves in the ocean

Fanged beasts among the trees

In my journey fear remains given

Yet from these I will never flee

Remember, to this call I’ve risen

Act, I will, till my love be proven.

Should in your eyes I see doubt or fear

Let me erase them once and forever

I will flood them with hope

And we’ll break free from here

Though this day knows not tomorrow,

This is all have to give

For us we have this moment

Forever this, we’ll keep.

So, long, till you call again, brother

As, you, there will never be another.

Nov. 03, 2010 at 2:00 am


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