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Monthly Archives: November 2010

I’ve been under a One Piece fever lately…. Which led me to finding a few inconsistencies in the anime (haven’t been following the manga). Buggy the clown was irritating me in particular.

Bara bara no mi: Facts should stay facts. During their first meeting, Buggy the clown “bara bara’d” his body part, three of which Nami stole, tied up and Luffy sent the “now chibi” Buggy flying. They were parts of his torso/abdomen. In the Impel Down arc, we find that buggy’s body could remain within a certain radius of his other parts and he could technically fly when luffy was carrying his feet for him.

Here’s the problem: the first time we see buggy, if parts of his body could be sent flying away by a gomu gomu no bazooka, the rest should have follow suit (as seen when they fall from the red hell level).

nani kore, Oda sensei????

**** post script and kifujin comment****

Sanji and Zoro is the most feverish couple in one piece (I love both SxZ and ZxS. Both are equally yummmmm). I’m wondering whether Zoro shaves both his legs AND face. Sanji seems to have enough hair on this chins and legs … I would NOT know about anywhere else…

*context for hair* –> The idea of Zoro’s worldly hair came while wondering about the gende of pubic hair in french.


Calm comes in the strangest ways. Like when you expect a storm.

I haven’t been able to study much for the last few days. Five days it has been, to be precise, since I have done any meaningful school work. I have a paper due on the 19th which requires me to read a recent publication in immunology and paraphrase the work “but not paraphrasing what the authors wrote”. Figure.

So while fidgeting around with my conscience and unease to somehow dupe them into allowing this paraphrasing of another person’s work and securing thirty percent of my course grade for it and all the while miserably failing at the attempt, I decided to add a grandfather for the heroine in my first big work of literature. I am not sure what to call this mammoth “story” that I plan to write yet, but I have named the word file “wishes” for no precise reason. I did write in a few dialogues between the heroines grandfather who is an ex- King: should such a thing ever exist. It is a fantasy novel, you see.

I “searched” for the word file to put in the grandfather’s character. There were a lot of things that turned up. The Elephant Vanishes was one of them.

“Very interesting. I do not remember having such a thing in my laptop.” I whispered to myself and thence I double clicked.

There was a preface by an unnamed person. Then there was a story called The Second Bakery Attack. Then I went on to read Lederhosen and finally Barn Burning. I decided to skip quite a few in the middle since my mother was supervising the progress of this “strictly paraphrasing prohibited” paraphrasing work.

Murakami’s three somewhat settlingly-unsettling short stories have restored the calm in me that I needed to be able to start this excruciating, abhorrent, yet required process. I will now proceed.

ありがとう, 村上 せんせい.