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Monthly Archives: November 2009

I am an animal without fur. Notignoring the hair in the general topology- on the central axial acme and in other concealed places. But to deny that I am an animal would be brutal.

When it drizzles, I cry. When it rains like the Niagra Falls, I cry with joy. You could try to falsify this truth with an easy experiment. Put me in room of concrete walls and fill in the windows. Soundproof too, while you’re at it. My animal sensors will not fail. I am on my usual way on a sunny day. At night, I’m a dangerous predator.

I might dance for you if I’m happy. Give me what I like, and I’ll give you what you like.

Leave me on the beach, and I’ll crawl towards the shades, or run towards the waterfront. In the forest, I am at home. I hear your footsteps on the dry fallen leaves and wonder who you are. If I don’t know you, I might observe you from a distance. Should your actions on my territory displease me, I will attack.

When I run, my muscles coordinate and you might find in me a thing of beauty when the sun shines on every indentation.

I thirst, I kill to live. I watch the other animals will awe and desire attention from the alpha. If I am hurt, I cry. Kill my mate, and I will avenge.

I anticipate the harrowing possibility of not having. So I save for times of need. If I’m careless, I might not, and will ask you for help.

My children resemble me closely. I take care of them for as long nature allows. I wish them well when they leave my sight. If they can’t find their food, I feed them.

Birthing hurts anyway. I am a mother animal, so take care of me.

When the machine that is my body fails, I die. Inevitably glycolysis stops and my own lysozymes fare me well with rapid degradation.

In a million years, I might become fossil fuel and the constituents of my body dissipated in air. But that is OK.

I am an animal. I serve myself and my purpose.