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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Hello you all darlings and whoever else reading this! This blog is entirely about ME ME ME and the things I think about and the things I do.

As such, please feel free to think of this blog as the RANDOMEST blog ever. I will be doing anime, manga, (YAOI hehe)  and movie reviews. I will post my short and long stories, all the poems and songs I have ever written and hell, I’ll even write the stuff I think when I’m sitting in a park bench. Not to mention, I *might* be writing NORMAL posts about politics too (do not count on THAT too much though)!!

Finally, I warn you that I will be using 4 different languages at the very least to articulate my emotions… SO if at some point, going through my posts you feel that you head is about to explode, please comment using profanity. I definitely will not mind. Cuz I’ll reply with abundant profanity as well.

HUH… I dont think that was a very PAINFULLY EGOTISTICAL piece!